With another swimming season almost here, would you be surprised to know that those coveted spring building spots are already taken?

While it may feel like you’ve missed the boat, I can tell you for sure you haven’t. It is a common misconception that being the early bird with pool construction is the only way to go. In fact, let me tell you why a late season install is an equally good, and sometimes better, time of year to build a swimming pool.

Five reasons why late season pool installs are the best projects:

1. Time to plan. Take your time over the summer to clearly envision how you want to use your backyard over the next five years. Pre-planning is the key to creating a multi use backyard oasis and to keeping costs lower. Consider spreading out various backyard projects in stages over the summer. If you know what is going where, your backyard will come together exactly as envisioned.

2. Time is on your side, so relax. Without the pressure of imminent pool parties or deadlines, you are free to enjoy the pool building process in the fall with a clear head. Stress levels are low during the latter building season, as the rush to beat the
“pool party deadline” is gone. This is great for contractors, as well as the homeowner who can take the time
to fully immerse themselves into the project without distractions.

3. Weather and delays. In the fall, contractors can usually count on drier weather, which means fewer delays and reduced damage to landscaping. The ground is drier and more workable, which is more forgiving for machinery, and which in turn can save you money.

4. Ready to go for the next spring or sooner! With a late summer/fall project, your pool is guaranteed to be ready when you are next spring, whereas projects begun in early spring are sometimes affected by unpredictable weather delays, resulting in unclear start and end dates. This can be frustrating for the homeowner who has pre-planned parties or deadlines.

5. One project, two years. This is
one of the best reasons for a late season install. Typically, after a pool is installed, deck construction and landscaping immediately follow. Why not spread the cost of the project over two years by installing the pool in the fall and completing the deck and landscaping in the spring? It would also provide the opportunity to actually see the pool in your space, making it easier to see what will work best for the rest of the backyard.

This is a fantastic option for the homeowner who has a hard time picturing the end result.

Occasionally, you can pick up an end of season discount with leftover stock; however, it may require some flexibility with size, shape and accessories. The deals come from contractors looking to reduce stock over the off season. But because most project materials are ordered on demand, deals are not always available.

Although it may feel a little counter intuitive, a late season install is the least expensive and most stress-free experience. There is no clock, mother nature typically behaves herself, and the sunshine makes everyone happy. While you may feel like you are losing the first pool season, fret not. If it was my pool, this is exactly what I would do.

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By Kara Redden Partner, Problem Solver

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