Social media can take a vacation when you do

Everyone needs to take a break sometime… especially a break from social media! Whether you want to take your fans along on your vacation or you want them to be oblivious to the fact that you’re gone, there are a few different ways you can handle your social media accounts.

Plan ahead

The best tool you have for finding time off is planning. Whether it’s a day off,
or a week, find a tool that will schedule your content to post while you’re away. Hootsuite and Buffer each offer a free account that will accommodate up to three social networks and 10 scheduled posts. If you’re only using Facebook, the built-in scheduler is your best option. Keep in mind, content you schedule should be evergreen and should not play on events you “expect” to happen (in case they don’t).

Work from away

Perhaps you can schedule a few things to post while you’re on vacation and only check in once a day for comments? Or maybe you are a morning person and want to get up early, work for an hour and have the rest of the day to relax? There are ways to keep your work to a minimum while you’re away if you can’t simply turn it off.

Share the day

If you’re not a scheduling-type person, and do most of your social media manually, the best option might
be to simply tell your fans you’re taking a day off and then share a picture. All entrepreneurs need a reminder that it’s OK to take a day
off once in a while. Of course, you need to be careful about announcing you’re out of town for a week and your house is completely empty.


There’s always the option to hire, or delegate, someone to manage your accounts while you’re on vacation — perhaps an assistant, intern or other staffer. Provide guidelines and let them have fun with it for a day or a week. Maybe you’ll discover they’re better at it than you and you never have to touch Facebook again!

Shut down

Yes. You can do it. You can let your Facebook and Twitter profiles remain silent for a day (or a week). It’s OK. Most people understand the need to take vacation and quite honestly, most of your readers don’t expect you to be there 24/seven to answer their questions. Whether you choose to “announce” your social media vacation or not is completely up to you. But it can make it easier for fans, as they might notice you aren’t responding.

Anita Kirkbride

Twirp Communications Inc.