THE TEN SPOT: An “anti-spa” beauty bar in downtown Halifax

THE TEN SPOT: An “anti-spa” beauty bar in downtown Halifax

With its first successful year under its belt, Halifax’s The Ten Spot is poised and ready for another busy spring season. “This is the time of year people start preparing to be outside, and we can help them,” says Nicole Turlo, franchise partner of the Halifax location.

The Halifax Ten Spot opened on South Street in January last year and has all the essentials of the beauty industry, from manicures and pedicures to waxing and laser. But unlike traditional spas, The Ten Spot offers an anti-spa beauty bar approach.

They are between a high-end salon and a discount nail or waxing shop — offering speedy but expert service in a funky, bright and clean space.

“We’re bright, airy and casual. It’s a friendly, comfortable place to come for services,” says Turlo. “But we’re ‘party in the front and business in the back.’ We’re very serious about the quality of services we provide.”

Cleanliness is extremely important for the company and they are very open about how things are cleaned. “We use the best tools out there and our standards are very high. We go above and beyond.”

The opening of any new business can be a scary venture, but Turlo says for her, she was surrounded by support, which made a big difference for the first-time business owner. The Ten Spot company was first opened in Toronto in 2006 by creator Kristen Gale, and Turlo says she benefits from the company’s 12 years of experience in the industry.

“They’ve already figured out what works best for everything that we offer. I get to use that knowledge and implement it here in Halifax.”

With 28 locations across the country — and still growing — The Ten Spot also offers brand awareness for clients.

“There are a lot of people who travel back and forth between Halifax and Toronto or Halifax and Charlottetown and people recognize and trust the brand,” says Turlo. “I’ve had people say to me, ‘I’m so glad there’s a Ten Spot here now.’”

Turlo grew up in Halifax and has a degree from St. Francis Xavier University. After graduating she spent some time travelling and settled in Toronto for five years with her now husband. She worked as a director at an all-women’s spa in downtown Toronto where she developed experience in the industry. When Turlo became pregnant with her second child, she and her husband decided to move home to Halifax. Her husband was able to transfer his same job to Dartmouth, but she had to decide what she wanted to do next.

“I had frequented The Ten Spot in Toronto,” says Turlo. “The place I worked at was more massage and hydrotherapy, and didn’t offer esthetics. So, I would go to The Ten Spot. I decided to look into opening one in Halifax. It seemed like a natural fit.”

The Ten Spot caters to clients of every age. Given its close proximity to Halifax universities, The Ten Spot started offering student promos from September to April. They also offer kids’ mani and pedis and host birthday parties.

“People can come in and bring in a birthday cake, or whatever they’d like, and we can hang a sign outside that says, ‘closed for private event.’ We have this big open space where clients can really connect and come together as a group.”

The salon is also a great place for corporate events and they are seeing a growing number of wedding parties come through their doors.

“We had a lot of bridal parties last summer, and they all loved it here,” says Turlo. “We have a liquor licence, so people can come in and relax and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine while they have their nails done.”


When asked what looks she expects for the new spring season, Turlo says she anticipates clients will look for fun, classic and natural looks. “Last year we had a lot of nail art, but I think people are stepping away from it a bit now.”

The salon also carries convenient gift cards and popular skincare products, including the Miracle 10 line out of Toronto, and other great scrubs and lotions.


The Ten Spot

5165 South St., Halifax


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By Lori McKay Photos Steve Jess and courtesy of The Ten Spot