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With articles covering an incredibly broad range of topics, and with a readership that encompasses and large and influential proportion of our population, ReFINEd Magazine is making a huge impact. And we want you to become a part of our story.

In addition to our local feature stories, ReFINEd Magazine Ltd.’s regular departments include

Style and Beauty

Sophisticated fashion and beauty trends from local boutiques & designers.

Your Health

The ultimate health & fitness guide to help keep you focused and motivated to reach goals.

Focus on Family

Focusing on everything family - from nances and parenting to pets and education

City Life

We’ll explore our vibrant province, local theatre & the arts, festivals & events.

Food and Drink

Restaurants and nightlife, and local wine and food. We have a grand supply of all!


Whether you’re planning a trip around the world or a weekend escape, we’ve got your agenda.

Business to Business

Do you own a business? Are you starting a new venture? We have the resources to guide you.


Explore your passion for motoring. The latest vehicles, boats, RVs. Explore your passion for the road.

At Home

Your biggest single investment is your home. Custom builds, condos, cottages - interior design, decorating and renovations.

ReFINEd Magazine Ltd. is the owner’s manual for the sophisticated, active, urban-minded people who live in Halifax and want to feel connected to their community.

Our readers are looking for intelligent insider information and are drawn to our clean design, glossy format, stunning photography and our unique local perspective.

Facts about our readership

  • 24% between 18-34
  • 26% between 35-49
  • 30% between 50-59
  • 20% are 60+
  • 78% are women
  • 22% are men
  • 93% are homeowners
  • 61% have children
  • 62% are professionals
  • 27% are business owners
  • $100,000 avg family income

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